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On One Carbon Whippet Review

I bought this when On One did the SLX spec for £999 and just changed the forks to Rock Shox SID XX and fitted a thudbuster.



What a great bike to ride, supper stuff and very fast. Climbs like nothing else i have ever ridden.  Wheels are a bit heavy, not surprising at the price point, so will be getting some lighter ones very soon.

For a shade under a grand, if you want a super fast, lightweight bike, this ticks so many boxes.  If you can afford better forks and wheels, this is a proper xc/enduro basher.

The SLX groupset is superb, shifts are smooth and exact and have never let me down.  These frames sit quite long so was glad i went for the small frame and i can happily sit on this all day with no back ache at all.

Llandovery MTB Marathon

Despite an awful night overnight with gales and heavy rain, plus sleeping in a tent for the first time in years and getting no sleep because I ended up sleeping the car I had a good day.  Completed the full course with no real problems, the weather turned for the good, although a little squidgy under foot.

Had some chain suck issues about half way in and ended up stuck in the middle ring for the remainder if the day, which was no big deal as I don’t use the granny all that often.  No big ring just meant an excuse to have a rest while going downhill.

Well organised again, loads of happy riders enjoying the course.  Roll on the next one….