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Titus X Carbon

After On One took over Titus in the USA I fancied one of their X Carbon frames.  When speaking to them regarding something else, we wondered onto the subject and they ended up offering me a frame at a deal i could not refuse.  I now have some new carbon fibre shinnyness in my office…

First impression after building it up with some XT kit, Rock Shok SID XX forks and my Hope wheels I was in hogs heaven.  Forks were set to 120mm and you get 100mm from the rear, despite this it felt like a bike with a lot more travel than it had, while at the same time excelerated really fast when out of the saddle.  The weight is really impressive without going daft on the components.  Ride position is great.  The only gripe so far is the tight fit for a water bottle, back to using a camelback me thinks.

Hope XC3 Pro Wheelset

Best wheels yet…. Very light and great for the money.

As they come with Stans Crest rims have moved over to tubeless for the first time in my life.  I’m converted, will never go back to tubes again.  The ride is better as you can run the tyres softer and it improves rolling resistance.  I run about 22 psi in them, where i used to run 40psi with tubes.

I will certainly be buying a second set once i have some more cash.