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Kielder 100

Where do i start, not the best day i have had on the bike.  Travelled up with Chris Purt on Friday afternoon hoping the weather forecast was not going to be as bad viewed that morning.  Got the tent up in the dry but the rain started during the riders briefing. It didn’t stop until we got home…

Had a really bad night, had a bad stomach which I just put down to nerves as I had never ridden this far off road before. Knowing I had to be up at 5 didn’t help.  Still raining, got up but didn’t feel to bad, forced some breakfast and protein shake in and trundled of to the start line, which was very long.  Stood around for what felt like for ever in the rain being eaten by midges until we finally started.  Crazy busy start, must have been 10 miles before the field started to fan out.  Immediately I found myself over dressed and getting to hot, despite being already soaked to the bone.  Once the field started to thin out i could get into my own pace, slowly but surely passing other riders.  The amount of mechanicals i went by was scary but i was still feeling ok so got my head down and plugged on.

About 30 miles in I started to feel really poorly, the weather was getting me down and to be honest was really not enjoying myself.  Passed through the first checkpoint ok, but it went downhill from there.  As i was approaching the second checkpoint i new it was out and back from there so needed to bale now if i was going to.  I think if the weather had been better i would have pushed on and ignored the illness but it just was not my day. So baled at 40 miles….

Trundled back to the start with my tail between my legs feeling sorry for myself to hand my timing chip back in.  Showered and dryed of and sat in the car for the long wait for Chris to return, my wait was short as almost straight away Chris appeared with a broken freehub. So we packed up and went home.  Not the best trip for either of us.  I felt rotten for a few days afterwards, so not surprising i did so badly.

Considering the 700 starters, only 177 finished, which made me feel a bit better about the whole thing.  Just goes to show how tough the Kielder 100 is.

Maybe have another go next year….???