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Kielder 100 and CRC MTB Marathon Ruthin, same weekend

Annoyingly these are the 2 events i did not manage to finish last year, Kielder due to illness and Ruthin due to crashing and broken ribs.

This has made my decision on whether to do kielder again even harder as really i want to do both.

Am i nuts to even consider going for the double, kielder on the saturday and ruthin on the sunday????  Would be an epic weekend…

Turbo Session…

Legs mega stiff after my run yesterday, perhaps running over a mountain was not such a good idea for the first run in a while??  Nice easy 10 mile spin on the turbo trainer was in order to loosen my thighs up a bit, its worked too….

Went for a run!!

Had 30 mins to kill before it went dark this arvo’ so went for a run for the first time in ages.  Boy i can tell i am out of practice… thighs have tightened up really badly.  Just have to do it more often i think…??

Orifix Map Board Review

Well ive had my first chance to use my new Orifix map board.  What a difference it made to my old zip tied number plate.


It didn’t flap about and being able to rotate the board to help with direction was extremely useful.  The fact its raised above the handlebars to closer to your face makes focusing quicker and easier while riding the trail.  Well worth the money for the ease of use and the ability to rotate the map.  Fitted A4 maps perfectly and map swapping was a breeze, just velcro underneath the board, so no annoying poppers like on other boards.  Meant i did not have to remove my gloves to swap the map over.

If you are going to be doing any number of MTBO’s, save yourself some penny’s and buy one of these, it will save you those precious minutes.

If you want to grab yourself one in the UK, contact Emily Benham @ .