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Tacx T1900 i-Magic Virtual Reality Turbo Trainer – For Sale

As I am just not using this any more I have decided to sell it.

This comes with version 3 of the software.

I will include all my real life videos (around £100 worth). It will include the front wheel jack which normally you have to buy separately.

There is around £850 worth of kit and I am after £375 posted.

The Video is just one I found on You Tube and not me.

Here is the Tacx Blurb…

We admit it. Home training can be dull. The Tacx iMagic Virtual Reality Trainer, by contrast, is designed to keep you interested and motivated by linking the home trainer to your home computer via a USB interface on the handlebars. You can then watch ‘yourself’ on screen while you pedal competing against other ‘riders’, or simply enjoying the countryside. This makes the home training experience more realistic and, as such, makes it more likely that you’ll actually jump on the bike and train. The iMagic puts you in control. You can select a velodrome, or road race or MTB course. You can ride with with the pulse meter turned on or off. You can follow ‘the race’ from any camera angle you want.

Fans will cheer as you dig deep to stay ahead of your opponents on the velodrome. Alternatively, you can imagine yourself riding in sun-bathed country roads listening to bird song.

You can select the camera angle. Watch yourself cycle from two metres. Survey the surrounding area from the eye of the cyclist, or switch to an aerial view with a magnificent panorama. During the competition it’s even possible to glance behind you, so you can keep an eye on your opponents.

To make things even more exciting, you can compare your current position against your opponents on a bar graph at the bottom of the screen. During the race you can call up training data such as speed, cadence, watts, heart rate, the number of rounds you’ve cycled, or the degree of slope on the track. The I-Magic comes with standard start-up menus, Analyser Software, the Capricorn road terrain and the CycleDream velodrome.

The easy-reference startup menu shows the terrain selected, your cycling companion(s) and the settings. You can choose from a selection of pre-programmed courses or plot your own course.

  • Handlebar-mounted interface.
  • Tacx Excel Analyser software – the user-friendly startup menu allows you to select the ‘terrain’ and ‘cyclists’ you’ll be up against.
  • Choose from preprogrammed road, MTB or velodrome tracks or plot your own course.
  • It’s so realistic, pedalling becomes easier when you slipstream other ‘riders’, and harder when you ride at the front of the pack.
  • Perspective – you can vary the camera angle and watch yourself from 2 metres, then switch to a panoramic aerial view.
  • Compare your current position with those of your opponents.
  • Call up training data including speed, cadence, watts, pulse, and degree of slope.
  • Improved graphics compared with first-generation iMagic – looks more like watching a video, less like watching a computer game.
  • Catalyst Training Software – same software as the Tacx Cosmos. This allows you to set up specific training programmes based on power, pulse or gradient. For instance, if you want to train at a consistent 125 BPM, you simply set the computer and the resistance will automatically adjust so you keep on training at optimal level.
  • The Trainer supplied is Tacx’s proven CycleForce inverted A-Frame design
  • The curved shape of the CycleForce frame (compared with the Tacx Speedmatic’s A-frame) introduces a lightly sprung feel when pedalling. This makes pedalling the bike on this trainer feel more realistic, while exerting less stress on the bicycle.
  • TEF (Tacx Easy Folding) System – even faster folding than the Speedmatic’s Cycletrack frame.
  • Suitable for 26″ or 700c tyres.
  • The resistance is electromagnetic – same as Tacx Ergo trainers, starting with their Flow model.
  • The Tacx T1900 i-Magic has been up upgraded for 2006/7 with a Soft Gel roller.
  • Tacx T1900 i-Magic trainer’s magnetic brake’s rolling cylinder is made of ‘Soft Gel’ and is combined with a durable steel running surface. This means that the action of the Sirius is sound deadening yet wear resistant.

‘Regular turbo-training can easily become a very monotonous activity. Some people listen to fast-paced music (EBC recommend Kraftwerk’s Tour de France Soundtracks) or position their trainer in front of a TV to break the boredom. Tacx have taken things one step further with the CycleForce iMagic by interfacing the trainer with a PC computer (not included) allowing you to take part in virtual races against computerised opponents. A bar-mounted device acts as nerve centre for the system and controls the software via a USB cable connected to the host computer.

Rather than just being a glorified arcade game, there is a serious point to all this. The software controls the resistance of the trainer, so that if you go up a hill or ride up a bank the resistance increases. You can choose from many courses which vary over distance and terrain (including track) or make your own up. Your ride data – speed, cadence, power output, etc – is stored and can be compared between sessions to see whether you are improving…. There’s no denying the iMagic makes turbo sessions fun and the data generated has a serious analytical use. Performance 5/5.’
Cycling Weekly.

Cambrian Bike Bash

Well there you go, 1st place, doesn’t get much better than that.

It was a good course, very heavy going due to the wet weather leading up the event, bit like riding through treacle.  I took the lead on the first climb despite taking my time and pacing myself.  By the time I reached the top i had been caught by a loan rider and we rode together for a while as we seamed to be way ahead of everyone else.

The next climb was tough and i didn’t want to over extend myself so just stayed at my pace and let the other guy go on ahead.  I was now on my own for a very long time.  The next section was the long slog up the Dofi valley, very slow as the ground was incredibly bogie and was reduced to wading through mud in a lot of places.  I could see I was slowly catching back up to 1st place in the distance. After a great decent and a long road climb into a forest i finally caught back up to him just before the final feed station.

We rode together for a bit while climbing up, but could see he was really starting to struggle.  Just stayed at my pace and slowly dropped him.  10 miles later are started the final decent to the finish.  Arrived at the finish with hardly a soul around, taking them by surprise i think as they did not expect us back yet.  It was a bit of an anti climax to be honest, would have expected a bit more of a fuss for finishing first.  For a £32 entry fee, would have expected a little more in return.

Good days riding though and really happy I won.  Might be a while before I do that again…

eXotic Carbon Rigid MTB Fork For Sale

Used these on my On-One whippet through the winter for a few cyclo-cross races. Have recently fitted some suspension forks and have decided I wont be using these again.  The are in as new condition.

They are 44.5cm in length, which would suit where 100mm travel fork would go. The strearer tube has been cut to 170mm and is on the 1-1/8 variety (standard).

They are available here new

I am looking for £75 posted.

Stans Crest Rims on Superstar Evo Switch Hubs – Wheelset For Sale

Bought these as a spare set at the beginning of the year to run alongside my Hope Hoops.  Unfortunately the brake disks don’t match up exactly the same as on my Hope so have to mess with the brakes every time i want to swap wheels. Which is a pain in the bum so ended up buying another set of Hopes.  They have done no more than 100 miles and are in almost new condition.

They are fully set up for tubeless with stans rim tape and valve, just stick a tyre on with some sealant and you are away.  Also included is the 185/165mm Sram XX Rotors.

They wheels on there own are available here new for £220.

With the tubeless setup and rotors I am looking for £220 posted.  A great price for a very light wheelset.