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My Lance Armstrong Two Penneth!

Why is it everybody seems to be overlooking the fact that Lance Armstrong nearly died…

Have all the haters out there even stopped to think that it is highly unlikely that someone who has been so close to death and fought so hard to stay alive would then dope and risk his life every day just to win some bike races.

The thought is preposterous….

BeasTarw, Take 2

Had spin down at Coed Y Brenin today, ran both the Beast and the Tarw back to back again to get some extra miles in.  Even though I have not been getting all that much riding in I managed 3rd fastest time on Strava on both the Beast and Tarw, which i was quite pleased about.  Got some PB’s on the descents too.

Had a run in with some weekend warrior downhillers. Got shouted at as i passed a couple just before the start of a descent, implying they would be way faster on the 6 inchers than i would be on my 100mm XC bike.  I obliged and let them by without so much as a thank you.  Had a quick drink and set off, within seconds i was all over the back of them and wanting to get past.  After a couple of polite ‘when you can mate’ they weren’t budging, so did it the hard way and just took them whenever i had a slight widening of the track.  What did i get for my trouble, a barrage of obscenities.  I don’t think that was called for, i was polite the whole time and its quite normal to let someone by if they are significantly faster than you, i would.

Morale of the day, dont expect someone on a short travel bike to be slow going downhill, we are not (mostly) and if we ask you to move and let us by, just get out of the way and suck it up.

Rant over…


Had a quick spin around Penmachno this morning.  Despite the dry weather it was still very wet under foot.  My biggest issue though is how over grown it is, almost to the point you cant tell where the trial goes.  My arms and legs are in a right state, drew blood on several occasions.  It was loop 2 that was the problem, I guess it doesn’t get used enough to keep the growth back.  It wont be long until it will be un ridable.

Had a big ish crash because the undergrowth growing over the track was hiding big rocks.  One of which I hit and was catapulted over the bars, landed on my feet though so all was OK.  Bike was fine to.

Just a word of warning really, just take a bit of extra care if your doing loop 2 and wear long sleeves and legs if you can cope with the extra warmth at this time of year.  Just so your skin doesn’t get ripped to shreds.

Penmachno relies heavily on donations and voluntary work so can understand why its hard to keep the growth under control.  Maybe they need to organise another trail blitz like they have in the past.  Either that or more riders need to do loop 2 as well and squish those weeds to the floor…