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Dorset entrepreneur needs ideas on how to shift 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs

A Dorset entrepreneur is looking for advice on how to shift 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs he cannot now sell due to the disgraced cyclist’s lifetime ban and subsequent confession to doping.

It sounds like the plot of an episode of Only Fools & Horses, but Karl Baxter from Poole certainly isn’t laughing as he struggles to come up with ideas of what to do with the pile of DVDs, reports This Is Dorset.

Mr Baxter says he bought the DVDs for his business Wholesale Clearance UK prior to the scandal erupting around the former US Postal rider, although the website doesn’t say exactly when he acquired them.

Nor does it explain how exactly he came by them – although we’re guessing the vendor was whistling cheerfully and had a bit of a spring in their step after the transaction had been completed.

He explained: “I bought the DVDs at a good price. The idea was to sell them in small job lots so traders could go on eBay, Amazon or car boot sales and sell them on.

“There was a slight amount of risk,” continued Mr Baxter with what, in hindsight, is commendable understatement. “There was suspicion but he wasn’t admitting to it.

“I was hoping the problem would die down and I would be able to find a home for them. Now I don’t think I would get a tenth of the money back,” added the businessman, whose activities include dealing in bankrupt stock.

“This is one of the few things I’ve managed to buy that has come back to bite me,” he went on. “I’m paying storage on them. I’ve got a few at the warehouse to show customers.”

Now, he is open to suggestions about what he could do with the unwanted DVDs and has come up with a couple of ideas of his own.

“I could make a tower or build a big dominoes track for my three-year-old. Armstrong has had a good life for the last 20 years.

He concluded: “I just wish he had either kept his mouth shut a bit longer or not done it in the first place.”

Do you have any ideas about what Mr Baxter could do with 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs? Let us know in the comments below.

Think it might have snowed??

After yesterdays all day blizzard, getting a bit bored stuck indoors and we are well and truly snowed in.


Thought i would venture out and see how far i got…..   Not far to start with…



But after a bit of hike a bike it turned out to be a nice ride…



Although I did snap my chain while out and have a small accident…



Now to warm up and have a cup of tea…


CANYON NERVE AL 9.9 SL 29ER, Its been Ordered!!!

Well its done, its ordered..  Just have to wait until June!! EEEEK, that’s a long wait.

Have had to go for the acid storm one as they have sold out of the black one.  I think I actually prefer it.

Have not found anything else even close for the money and think it will suit my riding style.  Lets hope its worth the wait.

Will post a review once i have ridden it.