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Marin Trail… Pretty much as fast as I could…

1h 22mins 10secs isn’t bad I suppose. 46 seconds faster than I have done it before.

I got PB’s on almost every descent, specifically the last 3 and I had to stop half way to go back and get my water bottle after it fell out.  So I don’t think I am up to speed on the climbs but it does show my descending is improving quite a lot.

So I am not as slow as a feel at the moment, obviously managed to carry most of my fitness through the winter. Just need to put some effort in now and improve on what turned out to be a surprising time round the Marin.


Slow couple of months…

Not riding any where near as much as I should be at the moment.  Works busy and the weather hasn’t helped.

Building a campervan too, which is taking up a lot of time. Now its finally warming up and the lighter evenings, should be able to start getting out more and working towards Kielder 100 again in September.

My new bike cant come soon enough. My Titus is in a bad way, one of the rear bushes has gone, both sets of wheels are pretty much gone. Two dinted rears and bearings gone in one set. Bottom brackets worn out and so is the chain. Cables all need doing. Left front fork stantion is knackered.

I just don’t want to spend any money on it before my new bike arrives.  I will put it all right, but want to do it over time and cant really afford to do it when I have a new bike to pay for. Just having to nurse it and hope it lasts.

Maybe it will arrive early??  You never know.