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The Manx 100

As there is still no news on the Kielder 100 I felt I needed something to work towards for 2014 as I missed having nothing to aim for this year.

Not many 100+ events to choose from and lots of good reviews of the Manx 100 so took the benefit of saving £10 and entered.  Will need a couple of other riders to come along in the van to help pay for the ferry otherwise it will become too expensive.

My wife has offered to be support crew for the day which will help a lot.

Better start training then…….

Kielder 100 News

I happened to be talking to someone recently who runs fairly big events. I cant say who yet as I have been asked not to say much in case it doesn’t happen.

The general gist is they are in talks regards taking over the event next year and it all looks promising.

Please don’t take this as gospel. I have taken part in a lot of his events over the years, so I have no reason to think he is talking rubbish but I don’t want to get to excited at this point.

Will keep you posted if and when I hear more.


Its December and its dry….. WooHoo…

Just been out for a reminder as to what hills are after a weeks riding in Holland. Can’t believe how dry the ground is, was able to take those silly plastic flappy things off that stop your nappy getting wet.  Ground hasn’t been this dry since the summer.

Should have thought about the direction I took, had a massive head wind and nearly got overtaken by someone walking their dog and smoking a fag, much to their amusement.  Should have gone down the Telegraph and not up, would have flown….

Lets hope this weather lasts.