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For Sale, Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 SL 29er

As I no longer use it, its time to let it go. No point in it sitting there going to waste when someone else could make use out of it.  I have switched to a 29er hardtail since the beginning of the season for the MTB marathons I do.

It Canyons top of the line model from 2013, actually a better spec than this years model which costs £2599.  I have upgraded too by adding Sram XO gripshift and a stealth rockshox dropper seatpost.  Its converted to tubeless too.


  • Full Sram XO Groupset with gripshift and carbon cranks.
  • Fox Kashima Float CTD Forks
  • Fox Kashima Float CTD Rear Shock
  • Mavic Crossmax SLR wheels
  • Rockshox Stealth dropper seatpost
  • Size Small, 16″

I have got a couple of spare rear hangers too to go with it.

Its in great condition and I have looked after it as best I can. Everything still works as it should. There are a few scrapes here and there, most notable under the chain stay near the crankset from the chain and on the rear driveside spokes from chain slap.

I think £1800 is a fair price for a lot of bike.

I dont think posting is a good idea as have had bad experiences in the past.  I would happily meet somewhere or why not come over for the day and i will take you riding nearby.  After all we have some of the best riding right on our doorstep….

Contact me either by email or mobile. or 07812069669.


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