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Formally known as BikeGeek…

We have changed our name…..

Due to some up coming changes we have decided to move our site to a dedicated new domain called  We will still be posting reviews of kit and races etc and all the old postings have been imported across to the new site.

The aim is to become more club like and to create a more social network.  The Facebook page is already up here. If all goes to plan, we will get out and ride, race and drink lots of tea. We are already arranging club discounts, once we have them sorted you will be able to join and make use of them.

We are also looking into a variety of other benefits to, so keep your eye out for future news.

Currently only I can post (and all previous posts are mine), but that will change in the future.

Thanks for reading and the support, please like and share our facebook page and then go out and ride….

Coed Y Brenin Enduro

Its a bit rude not to do this one seeing as though its all my local trails.  Still good though as the organisers put in some great bits you are not normally allowed to ride on.

2nd time I have done it and managed around the same average speed as i did last year. Which is pretty good seeing as though i am no where near as fit as i was this time last year (I had just come of the back of the Kielder 100 which was cancelled this year).  Cant compare times like for like as the course was slightly different.

36th overall and 17th in class is a pleasing result.  It helps knowing how long the climbs are so i can pace myself to perfection. Equally knowing the descents like the back of my hand is also a massive benefit.

Another good day out.

Marin, Sarn Helin, Penmachno and back….

This ride has been on my bucket list for a while, it is one epic ride.  We had a great day for it, bone dry, not to hot and no wind to speak of.

We parked near the ugly house and did the Marin first so we could leave most of the weight we needed to carry in the car so we could pick it up on the way past after doing the Marin.

This is a hard ride, no let up at all. Its 99% off road for a start. Even though 50 miles is not that far, over 2800 metres of climbing is quite a lot. Penmachno is rough and hard work on the body, fine on its own but very different prospect while on your bike all day.  This is not like your average enduro, where you at least get some respite every now and again.

If you want a massive challenge, go do it, but be prepared for a very long day out.

Here is the gpx file for those crazy enough to try it.

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” gpx=”, Sarn, Penmachno.gpx”]

CANYON NERVE AL 9.9 SL, First Impressions…

Went up the telegraph pass on it this evening, first ride on it with only a very small setup time.  It’s very different to what i am used to, not so much the size of the wheels but the reach is a lot shorter than i am used to. Not sure if that is a bad thing yet, but something I can play with any way if need be.

As I live on top of a mountain, the only way i can go is down from here and i immediately noticed the first great thing about this bike. It goes downhill like nothing I have ever ridden before, almost faster than i can keep up. Straight away i found myself aiming for lines i would have never dreamt of on my old bike.  Incidentally this then very nearly killed me as it meant I ran out of talent at one point. A boulder field just down the road from me was an eye opener, was able to just bounce straight over the top where before I had to pick my way through slowly.  Most likely down to the bigger wheels and geometry.

Top of the Telegraph Pass

As for climbing, I do feel a little hunched but need to persevere for now I think. Saying that, despite the extra weight it is certainly no slower than my old XC bike. I feel i want to get out the saddle more and the 2×10 gears are going to take  a bit of getting used to.  I was also nearly 1 minute quicker up the top half of the Telegraph Pass than my previous best, but that could have been because I had Chris Purt breathing down my neck all the way up??

Looking down across Beddgelert Forrest.

If you go left at the top of the pass, it get steep, and i mean really steep. So as Chris wanted to see how far he got, i had a go too. As a test of a bikes climbing ability, they dont come much tougher than this. I was more than happy with how the bike held up, we are talking nose of the saddle up the bum steep here. I even got further than Chris who was on a hard tail. It was only my lungs that gave up in the end.

Had more fun on the decent back into the valley than i have had before too, so lots of positives so far, but it is still the first ride.

Still some setup to do as well, forks were far to soft, compressed all the way under braking on the steep bits.

Will post a full review once I have ridden it more over some different terrain and at the trail centers.

Canyon Nerve AL 9.9 SL has finally arrived…

About time too…. After nearly 6 months wait it actually arrived a day earlier than scheduled.

After a couple of hours and a bit of setup, it was all nice and shiny and ready to go….

Will report back after my first impressions, a ride up the Telegraph Pass beckons me thinks…


Kielder 100 has been cancelled!!!


Not more else i can say, looks like they have lost sponsorship and cant find a new sponsor.  Bit surprised they would give up with 3 months to go but what can you do.

Had geared my whole year around doing it again and wanted to get a sub 10 hour time, now i guess i will never know.

Sad times….

Holiday in Spain

Well you would have thought you would almost guarantee better weather in Spain than the UK but it would appear not on the week we went???

So did no where near the amount of riding i would have liked to, just bits really, and a couple of shorts with Iris and the kids.

The weather did improve the day before we came home though, if not a little windy so managed to get an epic ride in.

Alto Garroxta is a BTT route nr Figueres, climbs were epic, scenery was amazing and it was warm so was a happy boy. Pretty much all double track, but rough enough to keep you smiling.

I only scratched the surface of the area as the were several off road routes around, shame i couldn’t try them all. Maybe next time??


Marin Trail… Pretty much as fast as I could…

1h 22mins 10secs isn’t bad I suppose. 46 seconds faster than I have done it before.

I got PB’s on almost every descent, specifically the last 3 and I had to stop half way to go back and get my water bottle after it fell out.  So I don’t think I am up to speed on the climbs but it does show my descending is improving quite a lot.

So I am not as slow as a feel at the moment, obviously managed to carry most of my fitness through the winter. Just need to put some effort in now and improve on what turned out to be a surprising time round the Marin.