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My 10 speed cassette, chain and rear mech where due to be replaced and as I was already using 1×10 with a 42 tooth One-Up this made sense as the next progression. I use Srams XX1 groupset on my race bike so I new 11 speed was the way to go for my winter bike.

It made sense price wise too, especially if you only need the cassette, mech, chain and shifter. All of which can be had for less than £150 if you look hard enough.

I thought do a really need to put a lengthy review? The answer is no, not really. It’s exactly what you would expect from an XT groupset. It just works, simple. Its huge bang for your buck…. nuff said. To be honest its hard to justify XTR and XX1 over XT now this new 1×11 groupset is out. OK, so its a little heavier, but not enough.

The best news is these XT 11 speed cassettes do fit on 10 speed freehubs. I have tested it on a Mavic, Hope and Superstar freehubs without problem.